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World Cup South Africa

2010-05-19 05:57:55 by DanteValentine

So, South Africa huh? All you white people just got a little fright there, didn't you? (I'm white, so no hate ;) ). Anyway, it's the Soccer World Cup soon, and I'm certain there are some folks here looking to make movies or games or parodies or whatnot. That's where I come in: I speak Afrikaans fluidly as a first language, and I can help you translate anything or everything should you wish for my help. I'm doing this for free because I'd like to become part of some flash submissions before I start making some myself. Anyway, about Afrikaans, should you be curious to know:

It's mainly spoken by Afrikaaners (White South Africans), especially "boere" (Farmers). It's heavily based of off Dutch but it's much easier to pronounce the words based off of typography, and it's a beautiful language if I should say so myself. Most South Africans know how to speak Afrikaans, but you'll be better off speaking English as English is also our "primary" language.

Some facts about South Africa, it's current state and survival tips:
- We do NOT ride lions. Seriously, if a lion should walk into my room right now I'd shit just as much bricks as you would.
- Our government sucks. I mean, it really, REALLY sucks.
-Julius Malema, who sang kill the boere (whites) and took a hypothetical shit on that BBC reporter, is free to roam South Africa. That's right, the biggest twat in Africa is walking around with stolen money and his racist head up the President's ass.
-There are white people in South Africa. Infact, there are quite a lot. And, oppossed to popular believe, we are NOT all racists. Infact, a recent study found that racism in white families is down by 89% since 1994. True story.
-We don't all live in shacks (tin houses), but there's about 12 million people who do.
-We didn't start the fire, it was always burning since the world was turning...
-We pay our slaves ;)
-Fast food is major over here aswell, and you'll still find a McDonalds around every second corner. (Not literally, ofcourse)
-If you see a guy with a gun or a panga (machete) or half a brick, run!...except if it's the police. Then again, our security services suck. So just run.
-Our internet is expensive and slow as shit.
-We're actually pretty westernised, but we're still a 3rd world mess.
-Don't give your money to many of the "blind people" on the road, they're faking it.
-Lock everything! Crime is heavy here. Just don't look like a clueless outsider, you'll then be target one.
-Don't ever, EVER, get into a South African taxi. If you do, take a AK-47 and some grenades with you. But please, just hire your own car. Or you'll DIE!

Anyway, hope this helps some people.

Epic songs

2009-09-24 10:48:03 by DanteValentine

Being a human-being and all, I like epic music. When thinking of epic music, Take me away comes to mind, or Gothic power. Which songs do you guys consider as 'epic', be it on a flash or a movie trailer?