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Honestly? I loved the style, it was quick and beautiful and a decent nostalgia bomb. At the end, what version of Fairy Fountain is used? Sounded slightly different and, of course, I need to have it.

It was pretty good, standard humor animation and voices...Then the last 5 seconds... I almost wet myself, seriously. So 5 stars for you sir! Happy animating.

At first, I hope you forgive me for opening the video thinking it's just another minecraft parody. Throughout watching I really enjoyed the wonderful voice acting, especially the voice itself. You have a gift amtrax. Then came the twist... Brilliant! Really enjoyed the video, especially the noir-esque feeling you added. It was really good.

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Loving the game, so addictive. Play with me :)

Early review

I've been playing since release day and wanted to save my review for later. I decided not to do a review, my 10/10 speaks for itself. Instead I'll give some tips to new players, judging by the reviews there is some confusion on stuff:

1. Shiny Geodude code: Use 5231. (N.B. USE THE PERIOD)
2. Sinies level almost twice as fast and have more crits
3. Save your cash for now, loads of improvements on the horizon for evolution stones so wait for the update
4. To catch Pokemon, drag the ball itself over a Pokemon with red health. It'll open if you're doing it right.
5. To retreat Pokemon quickly, drag them into an invalid space. Necesarry to beat Brock.
6. Pidgeotto is fucking awesome. :P

To a mini review: The game is simply awesome. All we need are faster updates! Love every bit of it, well done!

Got a bit to say

My first impression of the game, in this case the main menu had me impressed. I loved the song, Zabutom did a really good job. To the game: I loved it. It felt fresh, the unexplanable mystery felt right to be left unsolved, because that's exactly what a dream should feel like. The bee level was seriously not as bad as people make it out to be, I mean it was a cake walk compared to simple early levels in games like Meat Boy and that Crow in Hell thing. I think people can't take the tiniest bit of losing these days, something I'll fail to understand. The ending was sudden and completely random, yet leaving a taste behind making me want more. It felt like a typical nightmare scenario, again making the idea of being in a dream so much more believable. The game was short and sweet, the style was enjoyable and the scenario completley relatable to those of us with unexplainable dreams.

It just annoys me that so many people make such a big deal out of the bee section, it felt completely right to me. Hope you dream up a sequel to add some more mystery. :)

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Exactly how I picture you guys when I hear your names spoken (from the Heavens...). Very well drawn Johnny, I applaud you.


First off, this is done really well. Colors, edging, everything. Now, to sooth my male urge:

I NEED to see this thing fighting another awesome fucking thing. Now. :|


Really great work. It's easy to see now that the Pokemon Entei is derived from the koma inu. Anyway, it's amazing. Keep it up.

I'm currently doing my first year at AFDA, a South African film school. This semester I'm doing directing and writing and next semester I'll be doing Animation and VFX, so expect some uploads from me next semester!

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